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Under the Bed Slot Slot | BetSoft Slots | Play Slots for free
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Under the Bed Slot

This is monster world and for once, you get to be the monster under the bed, scaring the children, Jesse and Jane, whenever you can, getting bonus points in the process. But watch out for the kids' mother, as she'll soon put an end to your freaking fun.

All kinds of monster winning combinations can trigger scare tactics and make you feel good to be bad! But this isn't a one way street as sometimes that boy can scare the monsters away too - and that's you! Either way, all scares and frights will surely put a smile on your face.

Really Cute Features
• Long lasting wild symbols
• All kinds of monster scare tactics for your amusement
• Double up by betting evens or odds on a 3-dice throw
• Programmable Auto play

Special Bonus Options

• Mini Game Bonus Round
3 or more bed icons appearing literally anywhere will trigger a game-within-a-game bonus round. Turn over up to 5 special bonus cards one by one, to scare the children and earn a surprise bonus in the process - until you turn the Mother card to end the bonus round and collect.

• Free Auto Spins
The scary closed door symbol appears in the middle of the center reel, and then suddenly the hand comes and grabs you into a round of 12 automatics spins absolutely free AND have a 2x multiplier on top.

• Surprise Multi-Use Wildcards
Some monster icons come up with a special rim around them. These icons turn over automatically to reveal a number and this is the number of rounds in which you can use that card as a wild.

On Screen Buttons
• Options: Takes you to the game settings control panel - see below.
• View Pays: Information on Paylines, Features, and Bonus Rounds
• Previous: While in VIEW PAYS, button displays previous information page
• Return To Game: While in VIEW PAYS, button redirects player to the main game screen
• Next:- While in VIEW PAYS, button displays next information page
• Choose Coin: - + to increase or – to decrease the coin to play
• Paylines: - + to increase or – to decrease the number of lines to bet on
• Spin: Spins a round with the selected coin, number of lines and credits bet per line
• Max Bet Spin: Spins a round with 30 lines at 5 bets per line for a total bet of 150 multiplied by your currently selected coin
• Double up: A chance to throw the 3 dice and bet your last winnings on the result - even or odd - and double your last win. But choose well, you could lose it too!
• Auto Play: If you like to sit back and watch, go into auto play mode, enter the lines, coin and bet per line you want to play, and the number of automatic rounds, and enjoy the show.

Options - Game Settings
• Game Audio: 5-Reel, 5-line cascading reels slot machine
• Turbo Play: Make the game run faster - some animations, including the expanding icon on a win, will be disabled automatically
• Disable Expand Icon: If you're not using the turbo play setting, you can increase game speed by switching off just the icon expand animation on a win
• Skip Splash Screen: Decide whether or not to show the screen that tells you about the bonuses, next time you enter the game.
• Quality: Set the video quality - high, medium or low

On Screen Info
• Balance: Current balance as value of your credits
• Bet: Total amount to bet on next spin
• Message box: Changes all the time – automatically alternates in the case of multiple messages
• Win: Amount won on last round
• Credits: Current balance in coins of the selected denomination
• Choose Coin: Current selected coin value
• Paylines: Number of currently selected paylines
• Bet per Line: The number of coins to wager on each line
• Total Bet: Total amount to bet on next spin (same as Bet)

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