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More Gold Diggin Slot

The latest 3D casino game from BetSoft has an explosive mix of gameplay simplicity, engaging characters, big bonuses and things blowing up in your face right, left and center. If you're a slot games lover you're gonna' love More Gold Diggin, which is set in the Wild West of America during the great gold rush. Our 2 eminently likeable miners are working hard chipping away at the rock to make their fortune, while the cheeky chipmunk runs amok throwing nuggets, giving the guys kicks up the ass and more - but the boys won't be rattled - they've got to get on and make their million. They'll put on a song and dance show for you when you notch up a big win, accompanied by fireworks, and you'll find yourself cheering for them every time the delinquent chipmunk crashes to the floor wooden as the wooden supports collapse.

The main animation theme of More Gold Diggin is exploding nuggets and the game masters have done a superb job of it. The explosions are glorious, both visually and in sound and no effort has been spared in the detail, down to the realistic cackle of rock and grit as it all falls back to the ground. Blasts come fast and furious, ignited by any winning combination of 3 symbols or more, and bolstered by the wildcard dynamite sticks that work for every conceivable winning combination. When they come up on the reels, you get to see the fuse burning its last seconds down to the big bang, igniting the whole combo. As new nuggets fall into place, new combos can be formed, which explode to add to your win. And every explosion is accompanied by a random multiplier of up to 5x.

This alone will keep pyromaniacs among us riveted for hours, but there's much more packed into this game, like progressive multipliers, an amazing double up feature, free spins in an exclusive built-in movie and more. Read more in Special Features.

Summary of the Special Features:
• Progressive multiplier with each consecutive explosion. When one explosion follows another you get an additional multiplier of 2,3,5 on the win starting from the 3rd consecutive and 3,6,9 and 15 on any bonuses won starting from the 2nd consecutive.
• Fabulously unique double-up feature. This has got to be the most original double or quits idea yet seen in a slot game. After a win, press the double-up button and you're whisked away to beautiful Daisy's private casino where she deals you four cards and one for herself. She turns over her card and you have to pick any card to try and beat her card value. If you turn over the same card value as her she throws all the cards on the table and redeals.
• Free spins mode. Get 3 TNT symbols anywhere on the reels and you'll find your team on the mine car on the way to a deserted part of the mine where you'll sit back and watch the bonuses pouring it. Here too you get a random multiplier of up to 15 times.
• Really simple gameplay with complex automatic win combos. In this 5-reel, 25-liner, the full 25 lines are played on every spin and you just change the coin value and coins per line to bet. Can't remember how the lines go? Just mouse over the line number and the path is shown.

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