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Nouveau Riche Slot

IGT lets players answer the call of the wild with their latest slot release, Nouveau Riche SLOT. Many people dream of being rich, or rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in a high-end casino.

Well, now you can when you play the online slots game Nouveau Riche by IGT. Let yourself be transported into an elite world of glamour as you spin for a big win. Exciting new features will get your adrenaline pumping as you get closer and closer to a big win and players can win up to a whopping £600 from one spin.

The minimum line bet is a mere 20p so beginners can bet low while they get the hang of the game. Then as you get more experienced, you can bet up to £30 per line. It's completely up to you how much you bet if you trigger a free spins bonus, the odds will certainly be in your favour.

The fun is in the theme

Nouveau Riche turns back time to before the 21st century where being rich was all about luxury, opulence and grandeur - back in the olden days when having class was everything.

The game's whole design will take you back to an archaic setting. And every little detail from the picture frame border and animations will make you feel as if you have rewound time.

The theme may embrace simplicity but that is what having class is all about. And it means beginners won't get distracted by overcomplicated details - they'll be able to focus entirely on the game's magnificent special features.

Free spins bonus

Ever dreamt of being so rich you could bathe in your own money? Well, when you play Nouveau Riche, you'll be showered in free spins that bring you ever closer to landing yourself a big win. Simply trigger a free spins bonus by connecting three bonus jug symbols across the three middle columns. Then you'll be led to a game of chance, which will decide how many free spins you get.

Three Nouveau Riche muses will appear, each holding a jug. Then think of it like a scratchcard - you pick a jug and which one you pick determines your number of free spins. But there's an interesting twist - once you've had a few free spins, you'll probably get on a bit of a winning streak, which makes it even easier to get free spins and more likely that you'll win.

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