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Pieces of Eight Slot

Pieces of Eight is a fun video slot with a pirate theme that will make you want to talk Pirate while playing. Combine pirate-themed icons such as canyons, compass, swords, pirate flags, parrots, etc., all in a mysterious island in the middle of nowhere. Do a pirate jig with the pirate adventure-like music playing in the background while you spin for more treasure.

Pieces of Eight Slot Game features:

This game as mentioned has a pirate theme that I think most people will like. The graphics and music truly spells adventure on first impression but that´s exactly what you will get as you continue to play more. I honestly felt like talking pirate style while playing this game. Arrr!

Amazingly, Pieces of Eight Slot can be played up to 25 lines. That´s plenty of combinations right there. And as if that´s not enough, you may also get up to 30 free spins and can get wild combinations. It says in the description of the game that you can win up to 100,000 coins which at first I thought was too good to be true. But after playing this game you can get that feeling that it is possible.
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